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One of the most reliable and sought-after sedans on the market is the Toyota Prius. The hybrid subcompact gives you a whole lot for very little and has helped redefine what we expect from economy-class sedans. Many shoppers who have found out just how eco-friendly and fuel-efficient hybrids are have become fans of such vehicles, and it's no surprise that those shopping for a new vehicle are eyeing their Toyota Prius dealership for their next eco-friendly fix. Well, you're in luck because Romeoville Toyota is the perfect place to visit for a lineup of some of the best-running and lowest-priced eco-friendly vehicles on the market.

We prioritize having the newest and most sought after Toyota models on our lot, which includes the ever-popular Toyota Prius. This makes an excellent pick for anyone who has been interested in possibly switching up from a gas-guzzler to a hybrid or in need of a great economical vehicle that manages some of the best miles-to-gallon ratios on the road. And the best part about it is that at Romeoville Toyota, we can help get you situated in the exact kind of eco-conscious model that suits your needs, your preferences, and your budget.

A silver 2022 Toyota Prius Prime LE is shown from the rear driving in a city after leaving a Toyota Prius dealership.

Toyota Prius History

There is a rich history behind Toyota's first mass-produced hybrid sedan. The four-door compact vehicle managed to get its start as a first-generation production vehicle with a 1997 model year outing. However, its actual history starts much earlier than that, when then honorary chairman Eiji Toyoda encouraged the engineers back in 1993 to reinvent the way vehicles should be designed in preparation for the 21st century.

This encouragement to think beyond the basic design box is what helped spur the design team into action on the Prius project, which was code-named the G21 project. It would be another two years of research and development before the team would settle on the two-motor design model, which is also known as the parallel hybrid system. This would be the breakthrough design that would propel the pursuit of the perfect economical hybrid forward.

The design of the original Prius was neither easy nor quick. However, when management spurred the project to complete by 1997, it forced the team to speed up the design of the Prius. With some of the best engineers from Toyota working on the project, they managed to make history by the end of 1997 with the first-generation Toyota Prius. This would pave the way for four generations of the Prius, with new improvements and advancements happening for each new model year to make it more efficient, more practical, and more reliable, all while retaining its spacious interior and compact design. This all paid off with the Prius moving more than 6 million units over the span of its production run since 1997.

The Prius was a bold choice by Toyota to push the automotive industry forward in a way that many others weren't considering back in the early 1990s. However, the dedication and commitment of the team paid off, and now the Prius is considered one of the best hybrid sedans on the market, enjoying a market presence marked by a contemporary design with an enviable fuel economy. The Prius currently represents what a proper, compact, four-door hybrid sedan should be, all while benefiting from generational improvements.

A purple 2022 Toyota Prius Nightshade Edition is shown from the rear driving through a tunnel.

Continuing the Legacy: The 2022 Toyota Prius

The 2022 Toyota Prius represents the next evolution of the compact hybrid, this time with a bold new look in the form of the Nightshade Special Edition. Beyond simply providing drivers with great fuel economy and a comfortable ride, the Nightshade Edition adds daring new visual cues in the form of three new color schemes: Midnight Black Metallic, Super White, and Silver Metallic.

The exterior is highlighted further with black accents for the headlights, mirror caps, door handles, and the shark fin antenna. Black alloy wheels also adorn the base of the vehicle both for the front-wheel and all-wheel drive version of the Nightshade Special Edition Prius. Inside, the specially designed hybrid features SofTex upholstery, armrest trimming, and seatback pockets, along with heated front seats and a heated steering wheel with SofTex trimming.

All the Prius trims receive standard rear-seat safety reminders, while the XLE and Limited trims now have standard fog lights with LED accent lights built right into the model. On the tech front, 2022 Prius models receive new vehicle health information in the form of the Service Connect trial subscription. This provides vehicle health reports and scheduled alerts for maintenance, tuning, and checkups. The infotainment feature can even be linked to your personal accounts, so you can receive alerts via email, a smartphone app, or through your online account registered with Toyota.

A blue 2022 Toyota Prius Prime Limited is shown from the side while charging.

Continuing the Legacy: The 2022 Toyota Prius Prime

When eco-conscious driving becomes a larger priority for you in your day-to-day driving routines, then the 2022 Prius Prime is the choice for you. This model is designed to be even more eco-friendly than the Prius hybrid. How? Well, it allows you to drive entirely and only on EV mode for up to 25 miles and achieve a total combined range of 640-miles on a full charge with a full tank.

The Prius Prime also allows you to make use of multiple ways in which to travel, combining the best of all worlds. You can use the hybrid mode and limit the amount of combustible gas used during your travels, or you can opt for the EV-only mode. There are also multiple ways to keep the vehicle fueled, either by charging at home, at a public station, or using any number of compatible Level 2 chargers. In fact, it only takes two hours to fully charge the Prius Prime using a 240-volt charger. This unique approach to the evolution of the hybrid design allows the Prius Prime to achieve an estimated 133 MPGe.

New aerodynamic features have also been implemented to improve travel speeds, reduce wind resistance, and conserve fuel. Some of these features include the dual wave rear window, wind-breaking front fascia, and automatic grille shutters. Unique new LED headlights, rear panel lights, and unique color schemes also help set the 2022 Prius Prime apart from the standard Prius, all while retaining the style, interior comfort features, and technology that the nameplate is known for.

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