Toyota Lease Return

Your lease is running out. The time is almost up for you to turn in your Toyota. Where do you go? What do you do next? What are your options? When it comes to handling your Toyota lease return, there is only one place in Illinois that you can trust to offer you the right kind of options for the right kind of price, and with service you won't find anywhere else: Romeoville Toyota.

We handle lease returns, lease renewals, and leasing options that help keep you behind the driver seat of a new, used, or leased Toyota. At Romeoville Toyota, we're your home for all things related to your Toyota lease return, and we don't shortchange you on options and benefits that can help you when it's time to return your lease. How do we help make lease returns better? With great inventory variety and service opportunities.

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What Do You Need to Do Before You Return a Lease?

While you're still in possession of the vehicle you leased, there are some important steps to take before you bring it back to the dealership. Essentially, you should have a checklist of things you should go over regarding the vehicle you've leased and what you should do before returning the vehicle. You should also take inventory of what you need in your possession when it's time to return it.

First and foremost, you should inspect the vehicle for any wear and tear that may be visible. Any major or minor damage may impact any additional fees you may incur when returning or renewing the lease. It's also important to wash and clean the vehicle before turning it in. Ensure that the original pedals are in place, the original steering wheel is attached, and all the original manufacturer equipment that came with the leased vehicle is intact.

After giving the vehicle a preliminary inspection, be sure to contact your dealer and let them know that you will be returning the leased vehicle at the dealership. This way, they know when to expect you and whether you will be renewing, turning it in for good, or exchanging the lease. Also, be sure to schedule the return appointment for a thorough inspection at least 15 to 60 days ahead of the lease expiration.

It's also important to make sure that before returning the lease, all payments and fees have been finalized. If you still have any outstanding fees or payments, be sure to complete them before you return the leased vehicle. You may also need to contact the DMV regarding the license plate for the leased vehicle and whether you will need to return it. Alternatively, you can contact the dealer about the license plate if you're planning on renewing the lease.

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What Do You Need to Bring With You When You Return a Lease?

If you've already leased a vehicle, maybe several in the past, then you know what to expect from the lease return procedure. If you leased a vehicle for the very first time, then you want to make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork and items that come with the vehicle. When you turn in your lease, you should have everything with you that you originally acquired when you first leased the vehicle. These items should include:

  • Keys/fobs
  • Owner's manual
  • All coverings/floor mats
  • All remotes/accessories

If you're unsure about what came with the lease, be sure to consult with the original paperwork that you acquired when you first leased the vehicle. If you're unable to locate the paperwork or no longer have it for any reason, you can call or contact the dealer to find out what originally came with the lease. This way, you know what to return when the time comes to return the vehicle and its accessories.

What Are Your End of Lease Options?

When you lease a Toyota and return it, the adventure doesn't have to end there. In fact, there are multiple options to explore when it comes time for your Toyota lease return. One popular option is to renew the lease and continue leasing the vehicle you have. You can contact your dealer about the lease and what you would like to do, including renewing the lease for an extended period of time.

Another option is to buy the vehicle you leased instead of simply returning it. Some people fall in love with their Toyota after the end of the lease agreement, and when it's time to return the vehicle, they instead opt to purchase the vehicle. This can be done by contacting the dealer or logging into your Toyota financial services account and paying off the remainder of the balance so you can own the vehicle you're leasing. Additionally, you can call or contact your preferred dealer and receive information on the next steps required to purchase your current Toyota lease before the lease is scheduled for return.

If you don't like the current vehicle you're leasing or would prefer something else; you can always switch up the lease with something else at the end of the lease agreement for your current Toyota. Leasing a different vehicle gives you an option to test out something that might better fit your lifestyle or driving habits. You can also talk to the dealer about purchasing a completely different vehicle at the end of your lease. Finally, if you don't feel like buying the vehicle you're leasing, renewing the lease, or leasing another Toyota, there is the option to walk away from the lease after returning it.

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Romeoville Toyota Makes Leasing Easy

You know what the process of leasing can be like, and now it's time for your Toyota lease return, and you're undecided on what to do next. Don't sweat it. At Romeoville Toyota, we make it easy to turn in your lease, renew your lease, or lease to buy. There are no strings or hassles attached, and our sales staff make it easy to take your next step once your lease is up.

If you want, you can buy a brand new Toyota from our lot, including all the latest model year iterations featuring the latest updates and technology. Alternatively, you can purchase a used Toyota for under $10,000, a great choice for those shopping on a budget. If you want the price of a used vehicle but with the guarantees and warranty coverage of buying new, opt for Romeoville's Certified Pre-Owned selection of Toyota sedans, trucks, or SUVs.

Never feel as if the Toyota of your dreams is out of arm's reach due to finances. Talk to our friendly staff in the finance department so they can help you get the financing you need. Whether you want to purchase your current lease or return it and purchase something else, our finance department can help get you behind the wheel of a new or used Toyota with ease. Our service department is also available during weekdays and Saturdays during normal business hours, where our certified staff can help get your vehicle fitted with the parts you need or carry out regularly scheduled maintenance.

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