Quick Oil Change

We know that proper maintenance and service is not exactly the most fun or exciting aspect of owning a car. That being said, it is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure you continue to get the most from your vehicle. Getting a quick oil change and other necessary services before a long road trip is one of the best ways to make sure you can relax and enjoy your trip, rather than worrying about an amber light burning on your dashboard. Even daily use takes its toll on your vehicle; without proper maintenance, your engine can be seriously damaged and require extensive and expensive repairs.

Here at Romeoville Toyota, we want to see you enjoy your vehicle for many years ahead, which is why we are happy to help you with any service and maintenance you need. A quick oil change will keep your car running beautifully and help you avoid much bigger problems further down the road. We make oil changes and other services as fast and easy as possible while you relax in our comfortable service center and let us take care of everything. Come visit us at Romeoville Toyota today to make sure your vehicle is in the best shape possible.

The check oil light is illuminated in a vehicle.

We Make Your Oil Change Simple

An oil change does not have to be a lengthy, complicated, or unpleasant process – especially when you trust a certified service center at a dealership to handle it for you. Some people like to do their own oil changes, but if you do not have the time or inclination for that, then coming to us at Romeoville Toyota is your next best option. We have a tremendous amount of experience with handling oil changes, so we make the process as easy and rewarding for you as possible.

Our friendly and helpful staff members are here to assist you with anything you need. You can get started right now by scheduling your oil change on our website or give us a call to speak to one of our service experts who can help you with everything. Our service center is open Monday through Saturday, with extended hours on weekdays, so we can take care of you on your schedule and work around your needs.

While you wait, our service center will keep you comfortable – or you can visit one of several great restaurants around us to get something to eat. Whether you are in a hurry and need to get back to work, or you are anxious to enjoy the rest of your weekend, our quick oil change will have you on the road in no time. If you want us to take care of any other service or maintenance while we are changing your oil, then just let us know, and we are happy to help you with everything you need to keep your car in great shape.

A mechanic is wiping the dipstick with a paper towel during a quick oil change.

Service for Any Make and Model

Since we are a Toyota dealership, you might think that we are only equipped to service Toyota vehicles. While we are certainly proud of our high level of service for Toyota models, we are fully prepared to work on a wide range of makes and models. Even though the manufacturer might be different, the process of changing the oil in an engine is generally the same across the vast majority of models.

Our experienced and certified service experts are prepared to help you, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. While some newer models still under their original factory warranty might require some types of repairs and maintenance to be completed at specific service centers, simple things like an oil change are not usually under these terms. As long as you get your oil change performed at a certified service center like ours, your warranty should remain secure and your car perfected.

Benefits of an Oil Change

To be honest, the full benefits of proper maintenance like an oil change are far too numerous to simply list here. There are some major things to keep in mind, however, and we will go over a few of them. Just remember, these are only some of the reasons you should get your oil changed on a regular schedule, and there are plenty more.

  • Keep your engine running properly – First and foremost, changing your oil keeps your vehicle running in great shape. The oil in your engine lubricates parts so that they move smoothly and helps prevent damage or excess heat from friction. Dirty oil does not work as well as fresh oil, so changing it regularly is vital.
  • Can help clean your engine – Synthetic oils, in particular, have cleaning agents in them that can help remove dirt, grime, and sludge from your engine. Regularly changing your oil not only keeps it running properly but can improve your vehicle's overall performance.
  • Improves your gas mileage – Proper fuel economy relies on your engine doing its job as efficiently as possible. Fresh oil helps ensure your engine is not working too hard and keeps it efficient, which helps your fuel efficiency remain where it should be.
  • Improves performance – Excess heat and friction can make your engine run rough, which is not a fun time. By keeping your engine clean and changing your oil when recommended by your car's manufacturer, you ensure a smoother, more enjoyable ride. A properly lubricated engine is also more efficient, saving you money at the gas pump.
  • Avoids future problems – If, for no other reason, you should change your oil to avoid much bigger problems in the future. Old oil is filled with dirt and sludge, which does not work well and can cause your engine to overheat due to friction. Worst of all, this can result in damage to your engine that is very costly to repair.

The importance of proper maintenance and service really cannot be overstated. Regular oil changes are far simpler and less expensive than the alternative - paying for expensive engine repairs.

A mechanic is pouring oil into a vehicle during a quick oil change.

Choosing the Right Oil

We mentioned synthetic oil up above, so you might be wondering if you should choose convention or synthetic motor oil the next time you have it changed. Synthetic oil works best and includes cleaning agents that really keep your vehicle running beautifully. Conventional oil is often considered more budget-friendly, but it does not last as long as synthetic oil and usually does not have cleaning properties. We always recommend full synthetic oil for all modern vehicles and use genuine Toyota motor oil or a manufacturer-approved substitute for all Toyota models.

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