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Which is the best option for you?


Leasing vs Buying


One of the most challenging questions a consumer can face is whether to lease or buy a vehicle and all the fundamental aspects that go into funding one of the largest expenses a family can incur. There are many things to consider when you are looking at leasing vs buying a vehicle here at Romeoville Toyota and our financing department is here to help.



Pros of Leasing

  • • Lower monthly payments

  • • You own the vehicle after paying off the loan

  • • Fewer sales tax


Cons of Leasing

 • At the end of the lease, you lose ownership

• Excessive wear and tear costs

    • • Early termination fees

    • Insurance costs will be higher






Pros of Buying

• You own the vehicle

  • • You can alter the car how you see fit

  • • Insurance generally not as costly

  •  • You can drive as many miles as you desire



Cons of Buying

  • • Trade or resales is your responsibility

  • • Maintenance is your responsibility

  • • Higher Monthly payments

  • • Higher down payments and interests rates




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